Monday, January 16, 2017


You always have to start somewhere. And here's where I'm starting.

I wrote myself a list of things I wanted to accomplish this year. And writing more was one of the most common themes I had in mind.

Things are... weird right now. I've got so many thoughts flooding my brain and it's making everything difficult to process. I'm trying really hard to focus my thoughts towards the positive, but man that's so hard sometimes.

So here's where I'm starting. By not even starting anything at all.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Here we go

I'm working hard to make myself a priority in 2017. I spent a lot of 2016 worrying about people near people, people in the world, just people in general. I do that a lot and I want to make sure that I'm taking time for me and myself as well as the people I love.

All that to say that I really love this trend of having one word to focus on during the new year. I haven't done "resolutions" for a long time now because I usually set myself up for failure with them and I'm really tired of that. Sometimes I choose a mantra and sometimes I choose a word. This year it's a word.

I'm going to work hard on my mindfulness this year. That means being present, listening more, enjoying quiet more, practicing silence, meditating and guiding my thoughts, and really paying attention to what I need and desire in certain situations.

I tend to think of everyone else before myself and I think it's still really important to make sure I can provide a sense of comfort for friends and family, but do I really need to put myself last on my list just to ensure that everyone else is comfortable?

No. No I do not.

And I think mindfulness is going to play a small part in this writing space too. I don't want to make it a big deal and I don't want to put more than I can into it, but I like writing! I like documenting my life! I like sharing stories and pictures and adventures!

So I'm going to work on keeping that in my head as well.

If you're still reading, thanks. I know my words don't reach as many people as they used to, but I've come to a sense of peace with that. It means a lot that you still visit me on this tiny corner of the internet sometimes.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I paid for it, damnit.

Every year I think about getting rid of this domain and not paying Google anymore money. And every year I forget completely and end up paying Google for this domain.

So I might as well use it.

Daily life in Colorado has seem to hit its normal, finally. We had a friend from PA move in with us, so we upgraded apartments (let me tell you, November was a hell of a month for me) and now live a little closer to town. Sometimes the house doesn't heat well, but there are lots of mule deer that hang out in our backyard and there are also stairs to keep the cats occupied.

Overall, it's just better.

I've really been careful about practicing compassion for myself since the election. And by that I mean I've been working to only be on Twitter three times a day, max. I won't engage in anything on Facebook (although I did have to unfriend some people - not because they're supporters of people I dislike, but because they used the same rhetoric as our president-elect and that shit will not fly with me) and I can only watch so much Stephen Colbert because even though he's awesomely funny, he's also very in tune with politics and everything is just breaking my heart.


Here's a picture of my cat waiting patiently for me to turn around so she can try to jump on the tree:

Thursday, August 11, 2016

All kinds of jumbled

So far we've had a great number of awesome Colorado adventures, but I keep forgetting that I want to share them.

That's what I get for trying to do a lot of things all at once.

On a completely different note, I started to work out consistently for the first time in a very long time. And by consistent, I mean I went to the gym Monday morning and ran for 33 minutes straight.

I have never done that in my entire life! It was one of those things that just sort of... happened. I kept saying "just ten more minutes" and suddenly a whole episode of 30 Rock was over.

That's another thing I've discovered - I can hike up a mountain (which I did this past weekend and that was HARD, but that's a story for another day) without any kind of distractions and just appreciate nature but if I try and run outside with nature or music? Nah, I don't like it.

So I can treat myself to an episode (or two...?) while on the treadmill, helping me be both active and also lazy at the same time. Win win win.

I don't really know how to end these posts anymore. I don't want to ask questions because commenting seems to be a thing of the past. But I also don't just want to end it.

this seems appropriate

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

healthy and beautiful(ish)

You know why it isn't tricky? Because you are a goddamn adult human that can make decisions all by yourself. If you want to eat cake, eat cake. If you want to eat only kale, eat only kale. YOU DO YOU.

For me personally, I'm excited about keeping up a new healthier diet/life. Of all the things that have happened in this move, that's the stuff I'm most looking forward to. Since we basically threw/gave away anything we couldn't take with us, I have to start over with a lot of the basics - shampoo, soap, any toiletries that aren't travel sized - and I've taken that as a fun new challenge to really consider what I'm putting on and in my body.

First, I am not a technically healthy person. Example: the other day I saw one of the those Facebook videos about chocolate cake and immediately went out and bought a piece of chocolate cake. Bloggers always talk about balance, so I'll use that reasoning there.

But I started paying more attention to the stuff I was using to take care of my face and hair. I made the switch to anti-perspirant that doesn't have aluminum in it last year because I figured the less aluminum in my body (even tiny itty bitty amounts) was better. I bought some vegan friendly shampoo and mostly I like it because it's free of all the crazy chemicals that are in normal shampoo. Plus, it's cruelty free. And the conditioner smells like mint, which makes my hair feel fancy.

I also bought a beauty oil for my face, which is supposed to help with color and overall texture. Two days in and I like it a lot. Once I run out of of my current face wash, I'm looking to find something more natural that won't strip away the good oils on my face.

Since we're talking about my face - the skin on my face LOVES this new altitude change. The skin on my body gets dry and needs to have lotion on it constantly, but my face? I used to be oily to another level and now it's subsided a bunch. 

And there's where I stand on chocolate cake and vegan-friendly shampoo. Balance people.

Friday, April 15, 2016

the first days

It's not often that something that happens that completely knocks me over and renders me speechless. My family can attest to me usually having something to say about almost everything.

Until we drove into the mountains and I saw our new home for the first time.

Literally, legitimately, 100% speechless.

On our final day of the 26-hour-drive, Husband and I each took a two hour driving shift, which felt like nothing after going through Kansas for ten hours the day before.

That was a whole new level of flat I hadn't seen before, and I am here to tell you that it was awful. Also, did you know that in Southeast Colorado, there aren't any lights on the highways so while you're trying to go 65 mph to get out of the f*cking car, you also have to make sure you don't hit any animals or run over a hare? 

Easily on the top of my list for Awful Drives I Didn't Want To Make But Had To.

But driving through the mountains towards the middle of Colorado? TOTALLY made up for it. In spades.

this was the sunset as we drove into southeast Colorado. Still as flat as Kansas.

this is actually outside of our new town.
Can you blame me for not having the right words!? We had to pull over for some of those pictures because it was just too pretty. I couldn't comprehend the immense beauty of these giants. They are truly awesome in the original meaning of the word.

And I'll be the first to admit there were tears shed once we officially ended up in Durango - there were some crazy emotions including relief to not be stuck in that car for another state.

As for what we've been doing while we're here - Husband started his new job, we found a place to live, and we're trying to get life settled in this adorable mountain town. My task this weekend is to finally go outside and tackle some walks. 

Upon arriving in Colorado we were both immediately sick with colds, so that meant a lot of cuddling and watching House of Cards. Zero complaints from me.

And that's what we've been doing so far! On my list this weekend:
-Take a hike/walk. That means bringing out the serious hiking backpack.
-Go to a brewery. This is the most exciting part.
-Visit a puppy.
-Make a friend. V important.

That's it! If you've got any recommendations for seeing place around SW Colorado, I am all ears. And eyes. Tell me everything!