Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Begin Again

Weeeeeell hello there!

Welcome back!

That's mostly just a welcome back note to myself. Although if you are reading this, that means you follow me elsewhere and decided to click on over, which is awesome.

It's been an excellent adventure in Pittsburgh, but the husband and I are headed out West to continue our fun in Colorado. We were given exactly 14 days to pack up our stuff and begin the 26-hour drive out, so you could say this whole past week and a half has been insane.

And full of emotions.

I figured an outlet would be good to get some feelings out into the world, so I'm back again.

I updated all my pages, I've got a simple design I made super quick this morning and now I feel like the world is good again.

So follow along the cross-country trip! I'll show you lots of mountains. And probably some other stuff.

But mostly mountains.

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