Tuesday, April 19, 2016

healthy and beautiful(ish)

You know why it isn't tricky? Because you are a goddamn adult human that can make decisions all by yourself. If you want to eat cake, eat cake. If you want to eat only kale, eat only kale. YOU DO YOU.

For me personally, I'm excited about keeping up a new healthier diet/life. Of all the things that have happened in this move, that's the stuff I'm most looking forward to. Since we basically threw/gave away anything we couldn't take with us, I have to start over with a lot of the basics - shampoo, soap, any toiletries that aren't travel sized - and I've taken that as a fun new challenge to really consider what I'm putting on and in my body.

First, I am not a technically healthy person. Example: the other day I saw one of the those Facebook videos about chocolate cake and immediately went out and bought a piece of chocolate cake. Bloggers always talk about balance, so I'll use that reasoning there.

But I started paying more attention to the stuff I was using to take care of my face and hair. I made the switch to anti-perspirant that doesn't have aluminum in it last year because I figured the less aluminum in my body (even tiny itty bitty amounts) was better. I bought some vegan friendly shampoo and mostly I like it because it's free of all the crazy chemicals that are in normal shampoo. Plus, it's cruelty free. And the conditioner smells like mint, which makes my hair feel fancy.

I also bought a beauty oil for my face, which is supposed to help with color and overall texture. Two days in and I like it a lot. Once I run out of of my current face wash, I'm looking to find something more natural that won't strip away the good oils on my face.

Since we're talking about my face - the skin on my face LOVES this new altitude change. The skin on my body gets dry and needs to have lotion on it constantly, but my face? I used to be oily to another level and now it's subsided a bunch. 

And there's where I stand on chocolate cake and vegan-friendly shampoo. Balance people.

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