Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I paid for it, damnit.

Every year I think about getting rid of this domain and not paying Google anymore money. And every year I forget completely and end up paying Google for this domain.

So I might as well use it.

Daily life in Colorado has seem to hit its normal, finally. We had a friend from PA move in with us, so we upgraded apartments (let me tell you, November was a hell of a month for me) and now live a little closer to town. Sometimes the house doesn't heat well, but there are lots of mule deer that hang out in our backyard and there are also stairs to keep the cats occupied.

Overall, it's just better.

I've really been careful about practicing compassion for myself since the election. And by that I mean I've been working to only be on Twitter three times a day, max. I won't engage in anything on Facebook (although I did have to unfriend some people - not because they're supporters of people I dislike, but because they used the same rhetoric as our president-elect and that shit will not fly with me) and I can only watch so much Stephen Colbert because even though he's awesomely funny, he's also very in tune with politics and everything is just breaking my heart.


Here's a picture of my cat waiting patiently for me to turn around so she can try to jump on the tree:

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